Are you unhappy with your body? Tried every diet known to man? Fed up of trying and just not getting anywhere? Would you like a step by step approach that is guaranteed to get results? Would you like long lasting results? WE have the SOLUTION.

Our famous 12 week programme will have you dropping 2-3 dress sizes and going from FLAB to FAB in a short period of time and STAY that way.

We are going to give you a structured programme that involves Nutrition, Exercise and Mindset. Claire Adams has developed a programme that when followed will guarantee results and you will come out the other side a more happier, confident you.

Contact us today and book in for your FREE 60 MINUTE Body Transformation Session. At this session we will discuss your goals, set outcomes, look at barriers, complete a mini health assessment and develop a long term plan that will never make you look back and it will be the best decision of your life.


Are you ready to transform your body and learn how to maintain your results? This has been designed to give you the knowledge and tools to get you real results.

I deliver real results for all kinds of people, ranging from complete novices through to elite standard. Underpinned by scientific research and knowledge, I use specific and tailored methods that achieve amazing transformations.

I have developed packages for those wanting to ‘gain results quick’ and for those wanting to transform their body over the course of 12 weeks.

1 ON 1

No matter what your goals are, 1-on-1 personal training is for you. Tailor-made to help you get the most of your fitness programme, 1-on-1 training is perfect for individuals who want dedicated and focused workouts to ensure they achieve their targets and transform their lives. Whether you’re looking to increase muscle tone, burn body fat, increase endurance, or just improve your quality of life, opting for a personal trainer will put you on the right track.

1-on-1 training is also ideal for people with busy lifestyles who struggle to find the time to hit the gym. Your personal trainer will work with you to plan a schedule around your commitments, keeping you motivated and excited for your next session. Building a relationship with your trainer will also keep you accountable. There’s always going to be the temptation to put your training off till tomorrow, but knowing you’re in a fitness partnership with someone is great way to stay on track and not fall off course.

You’ll get fitter, educated, feel great and empower yourself to levels you didn’t know were possible, all through 1-on-1 training. Make the change today.


Lifting weights and doing cardio is imperative to any fitness regime, as is the right nutritional plan. Eating correctly to look good and feel great is a simple strategy that’s easy to get wrong without the right advice. By working with an educated professional, you can develop a nutritional lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals even quicker and make you feel better than you ever have.

The secret to sustaining success even after you achieve your fitness targets is to live a lifestyle that doesn’t make you feel like you’re on a diet. Learning about healthy and nutritious eating alongside what you’re doing in the gym will change your life for the better in order to increase your energy levels, improve your metabolism, and even reduce the risk of certain medical conditions such as diabetes.

A trained professional will teach you the ins and out of eating well, show you how to keep a food diary, and constantly assess your current eating plan so that you’re always headed in the right direction – you’ll feel as good as you possibly can. On top of that, any and all questions you have can and will be answered, leaving no room to confusion, and keeping you on the correct path.


Claire Adams BSc (Hons) MCSP,HCP reg

Claire graduated in 2014 as a Physiotherapist. She began her Physiotherapist career at a prestigious private sports injury clinic in Edinburgh alongside some of the top Physios in Edinburgh. Following on from this post Claire is currently working in the Musculoskeletal Department, NHS Fife, where she treats a wide variety of patients, including post surgery rehabilitation, general sports injuries and patients with neurological conditions. Claire prides herself in continually developing her knowledge and skills.

Claire is trained in the following:

Acupuncture, Dry Needling and Electro-acupuncture (AACP Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapists)
Cupping Therapy
Pilates Level 1 (APPI)
Sports and Remedial Massage
Kinesiology and Sports Taping
Nags and Snags

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is healthcare for everyone. Concerned with not only helping with the rehabilitation of injuries but also to prevent them altogether, it will both repair and prepare you for any kind of training or competition.

Unlike most forms of therapy, sports therapy is designed to utilities specific sport principles in order to optimise performance. This puts your body in a state of readiness, prepared for unexpected impacts while also preventing injury. On top of this, its techniques are essential for the immediate care of any afflictions you may suffer, getting you the right assessment and treatment. Your sports therapist can also recommend a specialist, ensuring that your rehabilitation is always progressing.

Sports therapy also offers remedial massages that can target pain at its source, getting to the route of the problem. This stops injuries from getting worse and reduces pain, leaving you in a better state for recovery.

Whether you’re looking to return to the gym, or need to take precautions so that you can stay there, sports therapy is for you. With the flexibility to fit around your needs, you’ll be pain and injury-free, ready to train to your heart’s content.


Work With An Award Winning Body Transformation Coach in Edinburgh (Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor)

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Ladies ONLY "Over 30's" 6 Week Transformation

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